The Alvey Show

 "Doctor"  Al Vichot
and the Stroker Files

Call #1 - Al called my dad as "Ricardo Multoban" looking for his "Gol Shain" that he must have misplaced while building our new house.  He interrupted my dad in the middle of a meeting in NY to discuss this very important issue.
The "Original." 

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Call #2 - Next call was to my Grandma Ginny Stroker.  Al was calling up looking for my Uncle Jim Stroker who is the Ridgewood High School basketball coach.  Al was "tall and skinny" prospect who was looking to play "the ball."  He called the wrong Stroker house, he need Yim Broker's house.

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Call #3 - After speaking with Mrs. Broker, he got the number to Coach Stroker and called him.  He explains that his mother is "gaurdian" me so he must ask her if he can come to the basketball "time-out."

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Call #4 - Yim Broker's son Jake calls me to ask about this funny spanish man who called his dad earlier that day.  However, Ricardo Multoban answers the phone to his surprise.  Jake tries to leave a message for Ryan.

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